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Surgical rasps

Surgical rasps are used in operations in the specialised field of final prosthetics:The surgeon uses the rasp to carve out a recess in the bone, into which the implant that is to be permanently set inside the body (artificial joint for the hips, knee, shoulder, finger etc.) is inserted.

Since more than 35 years, we have been reliable and flexible service providers for the toothing of surgical rasps.

The rasp blanks are provided by the customer. Our experienced rasp making team gives the surgical rasps the required teeth in a manual operation. This toothing, of first-class quality, is done customised according to the specifications of the customer with regard to:

  • cutting areas
  • Direction of toothing
  • Type of teeth (pointed / round teeth)


  • Tooth height (dimensional accuracy)
  • Tooth granulation (area distribution)
  • Other specifications
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