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Chip Disposal for trouble-free working of CNC milling machines

When milling foams, chips are produced every day. It is therefore important to manage the chip disposal from CNC milling machines in the sense of a trouble-free and clean workflow. Whenever the volume of chips becomes very large, employees spend a lot of time disposing of chips. That disrupts the production process enormously. In addition, the particularly light and voluminous foam chips cause major space problems in operation.

For professional chip disposal, we at Bornemann Maschinenbau near Hanover have developed systems that create a clean working environment. With our suction machine and the briquetting machine, we collect the chips directly at the point of origin of your CNC milling machine, extract them and transport them automatically to a central point outside of production. Our specially developed suction machine ensures clean and trouble-free work processes thanks to the reliable collection and continuous removal of chips from the work environment.

Automatic chip disposal creates space in the vicinity of the CNC milling machine

The automation eliminates the manual time-consuming chip disposal at the CNC milling machine, the tiresome internal transport of the small containers and emptying them into the large containers. Whether the swarf is then disposed of directly in a large container on the suction machine or in a briquetting press depends on your requirements. In principle, the condition of the chips is irrelevant. The suction machine developed by us offers you a high degree of flexibility for short, long, wet or dry chip disposal and any downstream compacting technology.

Bornemann Maschinenbau is an experienced manufacturer of CNC milling machines and your right contact if you are looking for professional chip disposal in the field of foam milling. Different disposal tasks arise here, which we solve with specially developed products. We will meet your requirements in any case. First get information on our website. If you still need more information, we will be happy to provide you with detailed advice.

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