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Control system modifications and upgrades • Mechanics conversions and expansions

Imagine this: You have the impression that your aged machine is far too slowly processing your milling programs. Or: Your milling machine becomes more and more prone to errors because its control systems no longer state of the art. Another possible scenario: You can no longer get any spare parts for your milling machine because it is simply too old.

Then the time has come for our CNC experts to regenerate your technology or replace your control system. This will enable your milling machine to meet today's needs of speed, precision, and workpiece surface quality.

Our range of services for modernisation of your milling machine also includes installing a new milling spindle, integrating a further machine axis and many more.

Whatever your need—your milling machinery will experience a long-term technical upgrade, and enhanced production capabilities which will serve as a basis for your future milling success.

Do you have any questions about our servicing? Contact us! You can either call our service hotline on +49 (0)5187 94 00 0 or e-mail us at .

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