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Portal Milling Machine for CNC milling with excellent precision

A portal milling machine can already be recognized from the outside by its structure. There is a vertically movable crossbar between two vertical uprights. The structure resembles a portal and is therefore the namesake for this type of milling machine. The construction stands for the highest precision and speed. Therefore, due to the high functionality and reliability, model making cannot do without a portal milling machine from Bornemann.

If the portal milling machine is equipped with 5-axis technology, it also processes the sides of a workpiece in one clamping. Whether for industry, advertising technology or model making, Bornemann Maschinenbau GmbH supplies you with exactly the portal milling machine for CNC milling that you need for your applications.

CNC milling of various materials with a portal milling machine

Do you need a flexible portal milling machine with a suitable milling spindle to mill letters from aluminum or plastic in advertising technology? A portal milling machine is essential for your production? With modern CNC milling, a Bornemann portal milling machine can be used very economically.

Our machine takes the milling data from your CAD/CAM program and converts it into perfect milling results. Our portal milling machines are ideal helpers for the quick production of medium-sized models from various foam and plastics, wood, aluminum, composite materials and fiber composite materials.

Bornemann portal milling machines are basically torsion-resistant and work with very little vibration. This enables high-precision machining and enables a brilliant surface quality and perfect dimensional accuracy. Talk to us if you would like to find out more about our portal milling machines and CNC milling. We have been producing machines of this type for many years and, thanks to our extensive know-how, we can always help you. Contact us. We look forward to you!

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Bornemann TRIAS

With the Bornemann TRIAS, we have developed a new portal milling machine that is specially designed for machining foams (foamed plastics).

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