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Milling foam with Bornemann milling spindles

Since foam is very versatile due to its unique nature and its application, it surrounds us almost permanently in our everyday life. We encounter it in model making, in furniture production, in orthopedics, as packaging material or as a foam insert in containers. In industry, it is used for workpieces that pose a major challenge in terms of safe transport. Precise foam milling with Bornemann milling spindles is very important for working out the inner and outer contours, especially with foam inserts. In this respect, the foam milling decides about the fit of each workpiece.

This is why the milling spindles from Bornemann Maschinenbau near Hanover guarantee you maximum machining precision. Are you looking for a high quality milling spindle? Then first of all check which model is suitable for your requirements. If you wish, we can help you choose the right milling spindle. Or take a look at our product data sheets and familiarize yourself with our milling spindles.

Mill foam with sophisticated CNC milling machines

We at Bornemann can look back on a long experience with machines for foam milling. Although this technique of foam milling is by no means the first idea for processing the material foam. But that's exactly why our know-how as a specialized machine builder for foam milling comes into play. With the help of the most modern CNC milling machines, we process foam with high precision.

Our state-of-the-art foam milling machines work precisely and accurately, because the utmost precision is required here. The CNC milling machines developed and produced by us meet this requirement and make it possible to work out the shapes of your workpiece in a highly flexible manner. A milling motor with high speed allows you to machine different types of foam thoroughly and quickly. Do you need a milling spindle? Contact us! We're here to help!

Precise machining of foam with Bornemann milling spindle

If you are on the lookout for a high-quality milling spindle, we offer you a product that guarantees you convincing results. First, get your own picture of the quality of our milling spindles and check which models are suitable for your purposes. If necessary, we will of course be happy to help you with the selection.

The powerful and robust Bornemann milling motors with hollow shaft for suction milling are central units for the excellent processing of your foams in combination with a milling machine, an extraction system and hollow cutters. In conjunction with a suitable shank cutter, a milling spindle from our range can also be used for machining ...

  • homogeneous plastics
  • wood
  • resins
  • composite materials

Milling motor Bornemann 440

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