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Precise foam machining with a foam cutter

Why mill foam? You will probably instinctively think of laser cutting, water jet cutting or the drag knife. But you thought wrong, foams can be shaped extremely precisely with a foam cutter and milled in 3D so that they can then be used precisely for sensitive products such as measuring instruments or in model construction. Provided that you are using a well thought-out foam cutter of the highest quality from Bornemann Maschinenbau near Hanover and the right accessories such as a milling spindle, a spindle adaptor and, if necessary, a suction machine for chip disposal.

Bornemann foam cutters offer craft and industrial model making companies as well as suppliers to the automotive industry a time-saving, cost-effective and post-processing-free alternative to conventional processing methods. The wide range of premium foam cutters produces uniquely precise results. Contours and complex surface geometries can be achieved in a short time in one pass. We develop and produce all models in-house. They meet the highest demands in terms of functionality and durability. Foam cutters and other cutters can be found in all imaginable designs at Bornemann Maschinenbau.

Boring cutter for the perfect milling of holes in foam

We have developed our “TunnelCut” boring cutters for the rapid milling of holes in rigid foam. If you need an extraordinary boring cutter for curved and/or straight bores that meets your high expectations across the board, we can help you in any case.

Take a moment and take a look at the “TunnelCut” data sheet. If you choose our milling cutter, you can be sure that you will need little time and effort to manually mill your materials.

The impressive boring cutter from Bornemann also easily mills bonded hard foam panels and always creates fine, clean workpiece surfaces. Due to the special hardening, it is also known for a long service life. Do you want to process foam at the highest level and make precise holes? Then get yourself one of the high-performance foam cutters and boring cutters from Bornemann Maschinenbau.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • perfect milling surfaces
  • long durability of the foam cutter thanks to special hardening
  • convincing price-performance ratio

Are you unsure which model is suitable for your area of ​​application? Call us and let one of our experts advise you comprehensively. Or send your written request regarding foam cutters and boring cutters to our e-mail address  

Special Cutters

Data Sheet

Hollow Cutter V-HSC1

Data Sheet

Surface Cutter Head V-HSC1

Data Sheet

BW Hollow Cutter

Data Sheet

BW Surface cutter Head

Data Sheet

Apollo 2S Pattern-Set

Data Sheet

Cylindrical Shank Cutter 'Basic-cut'

Data Sheet


Data Sheet

Surgical Rasps

Data Sheet
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