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Suction milling

Which products are required for suction milling??

  • Hollow cutter V-HSC1 or BW hollow cutter resp. surface cutter head V-HSC1 or BW surface cutter head
  • Bornemann 444 or 440 milling motor with hollow shaft (alternatively: hollow cutter retrofit kit for existing milling spindle)
  • Effective suction unit, e.g., Bornemann 960
  • Suction hose
  • (CNC) milling machine

What are the benefits of suction milling compared to traditional milling methods?

  • The immediate removal of the chips during the milling process enables high feed rates and short machining times.
  • The sophisticated technology realises the non-stop and unmanned milling of foamed plastics.
  • The permanently cooling vacuum jet from the suction unit prevents the milled substances from melting, thus supporting

    precise milling results and clean milling surfaces.

  • It creates a clean and tidy working environment.

How does suction milling work?

During the milling process, a powerful suction unit provides a clean and fast way for extracting the milled chips of foamed plastics through the hollow cutter interior, the hollow shaft of the milling motor and the suction hose into the chip container of the suction unit.

What are the benefits of suction milling?

  • It increases the productivity of your milling machine.
  • It optimises the quality of your milled products.
  • It reduces the cleaning effort in your plant.
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